Educational videos and video slide shows are extremely valuable and widely used in the science classroom today. Some examples of videos and video slide shows that TOPS volunteers have used are included below.  Click on the desired video file to rename and save it  to your computer for later viewing. YouTube videos can be played directly by clicking on the arrow.

Briggs-Rauscher  Cyclic Reaction:  1:56 minutes

Nylon Fiber Formation: 2:05 minutes

Density: An Important Physical Property: 7:08 minutes

Polyurethane Synthesis: 7:27 minutes

Sugar Decomposition:  4:32 minutes

Water Electrolysis:  3:08 minutes

Space Shuttle Launch:  1:30 minutes

Float or Sink?  Archimedes' Principle: 8:13 minutes

Zinc Sulfide Synthesis: 1:45 minutes

 Carbohydrates: 6:27 minutes

Origin of the Elements:  9:58 minutes

​Radioactivity & Nuclear Science: 20:14 minutes

​Rocket Science Fundamentals: 14:50 minutes


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